Digital Marketing The Pros and the Cons

Digital marketing allows you to use the web as a medium to reach customers. This includes PPC advert campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and much more! But the question is, is it even worth it? Let’s discuss how effective marketing on digital platforms can be. Let’s begin with the benefits of digital marketing campaigns.

The Benefits:

  • Enables you to reach a global audience

Let’s say you were creating brand awareness through newspaper advertisements. Ask yourself, will you be able to reach a wider audience through a newspaper that’s read only by the locals, or through a digital platform that’s used by people all over the world? This is enough to answer your question and can be best conducted by a digital marketing agency Abu Dhabi.

  • Affordability

When it comes to marketing your brand or your product, you can’t afford to spend too much on just advertising your product. Considering your budget, digital marketing is very affordable.

  • Easy to track results

That’s the best part about digital marketing done by an SEO agency in Abu Dhabi. With other marketing methods, you can’t tell how effective they are, and what their results are. However, with digital marketing, the platform you’re using tracks the results for you, making it much easier to stay in touch with what’s happening.

The Disadvantages:

  • Requires Training

Unlike other marketing methods, you will have to train your staff in order to help them understand algorithms of different platforms. You might also need to educate them on how to use the advanced features on these platforms.

  • Possible security or privacy risks

For digital marketing, you will need to collect certain information given by consumers. Legal obligations surround this collection and gathering of private information. To ensure safety of your consumers, you’ll need to make sure you’re following the Privacy Policies for each platform.

  • Feedback and complaints transparent

One of the major drawbacks of social media marketing is that the feedback given to your business by your consumers can’t be hidden. In fact, all the complaints are going to be visible to anyone who will view your business’s platforms online.

Digital media marketing has certain advantages, but also disadvantages at the same time. However through strategic and carefully planned marketing campaigns, you can outrun the disadvantages.