Kinds of POS software

There are two different kinds of POS which you can have in your store and both of these are good to have according to your business. You first need to get the merchant account UAE and then you will be able to apply for the POS terminal because it is necessary to have a merchant account where all of your money will be going which will be deducted from the cards of your customers. You have the chance to first know about the system of payment gateway in UAE and then go to take the services of any one of them. It is better to have the service of the one which is providing you more facilities and help you in opening up your own account and in handling that account. To know about kinds of POS you have to read below:

One of the kinds is the cloud base which is a kind of expensive to apply and maintain than the other one but provide you facility to make all of your stores connected to each other. You will get the cloud base facility where all the data will be stored in to your online account and you can have the access to that anytime when you need that. You have to make sure that you truly need to have that kind of POS before you apply for that. It is not very useful when you only have one store and you do not want to have the online access to your entire transactions of the month. When you are earning less then you will not have to keep the track through online portal as you have to pay for storing that data too.

Next is the kind of POS which will provide you facility of at the premise only and you can have the data in your computer which you can access at any time but you can use that data remotely. In this way it will be used at the cash counter and you easily store data to your store. You have to make arrangements for your data to keep it safe on your store and you can have the backup of that data as well if you want to have that for longer time. Mostly people will have the track of data for one year only.