Facts About Shisha

Whenever we hear the word electronic shisha or hookah, there is one picture that comes in all of our minds. That is the Arabian desert with Arabs having shisha and chilling at night and there is a luxury camping site and stuff like that. Shisha is related to smoking and this is also harmful.

You must be wondering that Arabs have shisha all the time then why it does not effects on their lungs. The fact is that shisha or myle pods, does not effect on their lungs but it damages their immunity system and reduces their stamina.

Meaning to say that if you used to climb 50 stairs without having to catch your breath, and when you start doing shisha for some months, it will become hard for you to climb even 10 stairs. This is the kind of damage a shisha or you can say a hookah does. If you are a shisha fan then we have some amazing facts about shisha / hookah for you. keep reading to get mind boggled. The word hookah is a Persian word and it was first seen in the Persia. It was used by locals and the rulers, it was basically smoked to reduce pain. People would use coconut shells for filling the narcotics and coconut water was used as base water and water pipes and bamboo pipes were used to smoke with them.

The second time it was seen was in the 14th century and that was in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia, Africa. Those shishas are the type of ones that we now see in the Arab countries. The third time it was seen in America and it got famous all around the world and the Americans used pumpkin as a base and filled it with different juices and used pottery made small bowl with holes to fill in the narcotics which is also called the flavor.

You will be shocked to know that hookah was more consumed by women as compared to men in the early centuries. Adding water pipe to the shisha was a women’s invention and after working for many hours on multiple chores, all women used to gather and make themselves a hookah by filling in relaxing narcotics. In some parts of the world, shisha is still considered taboo and is banned.